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We are humbled to inform you that, Safari to Remember can provide the best vacation for your Holiday in Tanzania, The country which has a large number of adventures. From the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to the great Ngorongoro crater, to the plain of Serengeti, witness different pre-existing cultures like Masai and Hadzabe and the way of living.

Our Experience in the Tourism industry has brought tremendous opportunities to understand these activities deeply for about 20 years of experience, we can make your vacation in Tanzania a Safari to remember.

Hotels & Lodges

We have great accommodations in our country which will suit your budget..


If you are looking best spot for stretching, experience different condition, getting to take a nice scene of photos and family vacation we have lots of hiking spots


Safaris have been the sources of great adventures, Safari to Remember offer this in all groups from Honeymooners, family, students, photographers and so much more.

Cultural Tours

Be the first to witness tribes which still practice their traditional activities, and how they raise their family in the wild like the Masai and Hadzabe.

Popular Safaris

Whats on the White Sand

Tanzania has quintessential islands which will make your experience feel like paradise. With white sand and turquoise water, these beaches are gives you an oustanding sense in this tropical climate country. From the famous island of Zanzibar, to the exotic islands of Pemba and Mafia, Zanzibar is the ultimate beach destination

Our National Parks

Tanzania is one of the country which have the best wild animal park around the world, its mother nature environment allow it to give environment for varient animal and rarest animal in the planet.

Why Choose us

Guide Experience

Our guides have experience of about 20 years of experience in the industry.

Animal Knowledge

Our guides they never let themselves uninformed because our motto is information is power, especially animals available in Tanzania

Birds Knowledge

Tanzania has about 1500+ species of birds, Our guides have wide knowledge of verifying and spot them, for photographers this is the best place to land

Accommodation Facilities

Tanzania has all types of accommodation according to the visitor budget.


Most of Tanzania people are kind and helpful, but the time you get to visit them, you will enjoy the moment with them.


Safari to Remember is ready to serve and listen to your claims any time

The message from the guides


HAKUNA MATATA, the phrase which tells you that your vacation is our priority.